The Credit Union has grown from a mere thought to it’s present, increasing membership.
— Barbara Denner, Original Board Member. 1975.

Edna Windom, founder.


It all started in 1952 when…

Our founder, Edna Windom, created a place called Franklin County Teachers Credit Union where her fellow Southwestern City school employees could come to save and borrow money without crawling to a big bank...right out of her own kitchen!  She used savings from her and other “members”, and loaned it out to other school employees who needed it. 

Since then, SMART Federal Credit Union operates with the same personal, intentional care, but on a much larger scale!  We proudly expanded our field of membership to serve almost every single school district in Franklin and select surrounding counties in Ohio. We have grown to meet the current needs of our educators: loans to pay off debt, going back to school, getting a new car, bill consolidations and even that overdue vacation.  We provide these services and more, all at low rates exclusively for our members. We also provide them with a safe way to save their hard-earned money, using the National Credit Union Administration to insure our members’ funds. 

You love education... 

And so do we!  To us, education is vital for the development of our current and future society.  If we can provide our educators with the tools they need to win the “paycheck-to-paycheck” struggle, they can worry less about money, and more on their passion – teaching children.

Make the SMART choice and unite with us as we strive to aid our fellow educators in reaching their goals, by borrowing and saving at SMART FCU. We understand your lifestyle -whether in the classroom or online- the way no other institution can do. We understand the late nights grading papers, the early mornings volunteering to chaperone breakfast, the field trips, the staff meetings, the summer school, and the time and dedication it takes to keep every parent in the loop.

Like Edna, we're here to help you borrow and save so YOU can help your students succeed.